Insert Line

Insert Line

Insert Line - modifying a food item
Modifying items during the order taking process happens frequently. Being able to modify an item or dish quickly will allow you to process orders more efficiently.  Insert Line, allows operator to process orders accurately to back of house, prior to processing payment.

Button Name                                 Description
Insert Line:                                    Modify an item that has been selected.
                                                      During order taking process customer(s) will frequently modify an order.

The example below demonstrates a customer ordering
THE VEGIE BURGER from LUNCH MENU and requesting modifications or add-ons, actioned by selecting INSERT LINE button:
- Hand Cut Potato       $0.00
- Sour Cream              $0.00
- Side Wedges            $4.00                

How we identify these are modified insert line options is because each item has been inserted with a dash (-) that sites directly beneath THE VEGIE BURGER                                      
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