Options - 15 quick operator functions

Options - 15 quick operator functions

Options - 15 quick operator functions      
Point of sale system has 15 quick functions to access information and orders. These options make it easier for the user to operate more efficiently at point of sale.

Button Name                                 Description
Options:                                           Activates drop down bar in red providing 15 quick functions
Search:                                            Search all items (PLU’s) in product database
Print Last:                                        Prints last customer receipt on request
Misc:                                                Process miscellaneous sales and nominate Printer 1, 2 or 3
Suspend Tab:                                  Suspend a Transaction in order to return to it later
Logout:                                             Logout of the POS screen to exit the POS
Specials:                                          Review active product specials
Docket History:                               Review all processed dockets and search by date-range
Price Breaks:                                  Review all price-breaks and product promotions
Discounts:                                       Apply any discount amount to a product item or entire order
Support:                                           Log support tickets online (internet required)
Cash Up:                                          Cash up end of day and close shift
Reports:                                           Access shift reports
Return Payouts:                               Process a payout for suppliers or customer refund
Take Away REF:                             Allocate table or takeaway reference number
Close:                                              Will exit from Option page
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