Order Type

Order Type

Order Type
There are 5 order type(s) to select from. Each order type allows seamless communication from front of house order taking to back of house order preparing. Each order docket printed will provide clear instructions on the order type, time of order, number of people, table number and delivery address.

Button Name                  Description

1. Order Type:                  Activates 5 different order types as per the image shown

2. Take Away:                  Process takeaway (over the counter) orders
3. Pick Up:                       Process pick up (over the phone) orders to client account
4. Dine In:                        Process dine in (pay-later) orders and allocate a table number
5. Home Delivery:           Process home delivery (pay-later or pay-now) orders to client account
6. Web Orders:                Customers can order online which prints at the main POS printer

7. Back:                            Exit from menu selection
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